A7X - 3.31.09

Chris, Michelle, Brian, Laken, Sarah and I went to the Avenged Sevenfold concert on March 31st. It was ballin’.

We got to Minglewood Hall around 4:30 and met up with Sarah. We then headed inside where we had a two-hour wait. It got interesting. We listened to David Bowie, Britney Spears, Blink and a number of other artists/bands and made some new friends. There were a few smoke breaks in there.

The doors opened a little after 6:30. We rushed in and headed for the merch table. We all got shirts except for Brian, who bought Michelle one (he can be so nice). We all walked towards the stage. I think we were on the left side. We found out that if enough people tickle Brian at one time he’ll mosh a little.

The first band up was Joan Red. There were okay. Not amazing, but not shit either. Their songs weren’t that great, but the band did have an amazing energy. Did I mention that they are recently signed and a local band? I think I’m going to have to give them another chance. Oh and I caught one of their picks!

After their set, Laken, Chris, and I made our way to the middle. We wanted to be closer to the pits. While we were waiting for the next band Laken decided she needed to hurt someone. I was the lucky winner. It’s sort of sad because she’s my daughter. She was hitting and twisting stuff. The guys behind us were cheering her on.

Rev Theory was next. They’re good, but I don’t really like them live. The only song I know that they played is "Hell Yeah". The name of the song speaks for itself. I got into like one pit during their set. I was attempting to save my energy Avenged Sevenfold.

Between Rev Theory and A7X Laken went to go get water and I lost Chris. I stood there awkwardly.

Laken was back in time for A7X and we found Christopher behind us.

When Avenged took the stage everyone went fucking nuts. I seriously thought I had a heart attack when I saw M. Shadows. They played Critical Acclaim, Dear God, Bat Country, Beast and the Harlot, Afterlife, Scream, Chapter Four, Almost Easy, Unholy Confessions, and Gunslinger. They closed with A Little Piece of Heaven. At one point some girl threw down in a pit and M. Shadows invited her up on stage. He told the audience that she had just kicked a bunch of guys’ asses. Before she got up there, I totally thought it was Laken. The girl wanted them to sing Scream again. I think she should have requested Walk. I didn’t get into any pits during Avenged. I got a great video of one of Syn’s guitar solos. It was………just WOW! I had the perfect view of M. Shadows and I did not want to lose that. Plus, I was close to Chris, which was definitely a good thing at that point. There was a hell of a lot of shoving, pushing, kicking, and scratching. This one girl fucking clawed my boobs. WTF?! I also blacked out like 5 times. I caught one of Zacky’s picks. That made my night. Chris caught one too.

On the way out of there I had to hold on to Chris. I saw Taylor there. That sort of ruined my night a little.

The walk back to Chris’s car was interesting. There were two cop cars. One was behind a red car. I heard the phrase "red car, turn your lights on" a hundred times. The other cop car was in the middle of the road facing a white Yukon. "What are you doing in the middle of an intersection? Drive!".

In the car, my voice went out and I called Synyster cinnamon because I was really tired.

It was the best concert I’ve been to in a while.

answers aren't that easy

I always thought that if I had a boyfriend I would be happy.

I was wrong.

By some weird miracle, I got my first boyfriend a month ago. The downside is that we never see each other. He doesn't have a license and I'm not allowed to drive the thirty minutes to Mississippi. So we have to rely on instant messages and telephones. It didn't bother me for the first month. It was all fine. We talked almost every day.

Now it's not like that.

He rarely responds to instant messages and when I call he's never there to answer.

I thought that maybe he was going to break up with me. It seemed like the logical answer. But when I told him that I thought he was losing interest he just told me he loved me.

And that just left me with more confusing thoughts and bad feelings.

I'm not happy like I thought I'd be.

I'm actually more unhappy and alone than I was before all of this.

Some think I should break up with him, but I won't do it. There's a chance that things could work out right.

This is an annoying, confusing situation, but I've learned something.

Just because you think something will make you happy, doesn't mean it will.

But maybe it's just a temporary thing?


I hope so.