It's becoming more and more apparent to me that beauty decides everything.

In my case, it decides how your friends treat you.

For the past three years I've noticed that in my group of friends people only really care about the pretty ones. If you aren't pretty, like me, people really don't care as much.

I hate that.

I treat all my friends the same. I love them all the same. I care about them all the same because they all mean the world to me.

But I don't to them.

Because I'm not as pretty.

I'm fat and unattractive so the rules are different.

It's ridiculous really.

Beauty should NOT determine how people are treated. A person's character should. But no one really cares about that these days.

It's a shame.


Not Enough.

I really don't write on this blog enough.

At one point I had all these things to say on here, but I never posted them. I didn't see the point. No one really reads this anyway right?

I'm pretty much just typing away and talking to nothing but empty space.

But then I remembered why I wanted a blog in the first place.

It's for me. It doesn't really matter if anyone else is reading this because I'm getting the thoughts that clog my brain out into the world.

I have a feeling I'm going to start doing this a lot more often.