concert last night.

Goodbye Monroe and Hollywood Undead were FUCKING BADASS

Laken and I got to the New Daisy a little before six, so we had to wait for over and hour. We pretty much just stood outside and acted like the retards we are. We saw Alex (one of Sarah’s friends) there. Man, I love that guy. He is fucking awesome.

When the doors opened we went in and got near the second little section (if you’ve been there you know what I’m talking about). A bunch of hot guys were walking around us. These really cool guys were standing right next to us.

Laken and I bought a Hollywood Undead hat. She put it on and I totally thought she was going to rob a sonic. Can you say gangsta ninja?

Goodbye Monroe came on and not many people knew who they were. The band was really good though. A couple of circle pits broke out. When they told us to sing along the guys behind us said “no one knows the words”. It was pretty funny at the time. It was Evan’s (bass) birthday and he gave a present to someone in the crowd. When they announced their last song a ton of people cheered. Not may people were excited for them.

In between sets Laken and I climbed under the rail and got on the main floor. The anticipation was ridiculous. I was bouncing up and down. I just couldn’t stand still (too many meds).

When Hollywood Undead finally took the stage everyone went insane. I can barely remember the songs they played, but I know they played “Undead”, “Pimpin’”, “California”, “No. 5”, and “Everywhere I Go” (reminds us of school). Their whole set was filled with mosh pits. It was like the best thing ever. Laken got pushed down so many fucking times. Tons of guys were giving her high fives and fist bumps. I got knocked down about five times. At one point like twenty people fell on each other. It hurt like a bitch, but it was so worth it. Hot guys helped me up. When Laken left to get water, all hell broke loose. It was punched in the face, kicked in the butt/back, punched in the boob, thrown all the way across the pit. A hot guy’s head landed on my boobs. I fell and blacked out too. I saw one too many pairs of boobs last night, if you catch my flow. Laken earned a lot of respect in the pit.

I am now tired, sore, and have about fifty bruises everywhere. It was worth it though.

And I officially love Deuce and Johnny 3 Tears.