Paramore Concert

Paper Route, Phantom Planet, Jack's Mannequin, and Paramore were AFUCKINGMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actutally, Paper Route wasn't that great, but that's okay.


We got there an hour before the gates opened, but we were really close to the front of the line so it was totally worth it.

There was this guy, blue shirt dude, he was really annoying but very entertaining. He made all of these evil ass comments about Twilight fans and he kept flipping his hair. We saw him everywhere. I'm not even kidding. He was in the car behind us one the way downtown, he was in front of us in line, and he was near us in the amphitheater. Then there were these "gangster" type guys. They just kept making fun of the people around them.

Jennifer and I sent Cliff (adorable sweetheart) to the front so he could get us seats up front. When we got in he had 3rd row seats, but there weren't enough for all of us so we went to the 7th row. While we waited for the concert to start we just sort of sat there. We didn't really talk much. Laura, Grace and Sarah got there around seven, like right before the concert started. There was a guy behind me who kept poking at me and making rawring noises. I made some back.

Paper Route was up first. They're an okay band, but they didn't play any of their good songs. Actually, they only have one good song (in my opinion). They only song I can remember them playing was "Are We All Forgotten". The crowd wasn't really enthused during their set. They would ask if we were having fun and we replied with a low "woo". It was quite sad really.

After there set, we just sat there. There really wasn't anything to do. Paper Route was doing a signing, but I didn't think it was worth it.

Phantom Planet came on next and I seriously think I flipped out like a teeny bopper. Alex is fucking hot. Their set blew my mind away. They played "Do the Panic", "Dropped", "Leave Yourself For Somebody Else", "Big Brat", and "California". Alex was being fucking hilarious. He said that we were awesome people from Radsville also known as Memphis. He had us do the wave a couple of times. He thought it needed to be done at concerts more often. After the second wave he said "Dude, if the beach was made out of people...that's all I'm saying". I seriously think I love the guy. During "Big Brat" he came out into the the audience and went to the middle section. I am so jealous of the girls he was standing in front of. Two of the guys from Paper Route came out and played some drums during the song.

Phantom did a signing, but I left to go back to my seat before I could get my ticket signed. Jennifer got her skirt signed. I am so fucking jealous.

We ran into Elizabeth and Rachel. And then Alexa. I saw Zach's sisters on the way to the signing. They were screaming out my name, but I didn't realize it because I was deaf by that point.

Jack's Mannequin was up next. I missed the first two songs, but they were "I'm Ready""Bruised", and "La La Lie". I've seen JM before, but it was so much better this time. Andrew was giving off this wonderful energy and the crowd was responding back with twice as much. Feeling the music pulsing through me was great. The band also played "Dark Blue", "Kill the Messenger", "Swim" (on their upcoming album), "The Mixed Tape", and "Made For Each Other". I don't think I will ever be able to get over how beautifully Andrew plays the piano. 

After that set I was pretty drained so I got Cliff to get me something to drink. I bought him a drink too. It was the least I could do. We sat there and pretty much chugged our drinks. This guy, he looked to be in his forties, sat down next to Cliff. I'm going to call him suspenders man. He was pretty chill. Funny too. People kept giving off false alarms of seeing Hayley Williams after the first "Hayley sighting". It really got on our nerves. Every time people screamed they would get our hopes up and then crush them.

When Paramore finally took the stage, I'm pretty sure I had a heart attack. I was so jazzed. They had this new guy with him. I couldn't hear his name because of all of the screaming, but he's radtasmical. His hair even rivals Ray Toro's. Yeah, it's that insane. Paramore started off with "Born For This" and every single person sang along, even suspenders man. I don't remember the order of the songs after that, but I know they played "Here We Go Again", "That's What You Get", "Emergency", "Pressure", "My Heart" (this song went out to the LJ community; they'd been requesting it), "We Are Broken",  "Misery Business", "Let the Flames Begin", "For a Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic", "crushcrushcrush", "Fences", "Decoy", "When It Rains", and "Hallelujah". The beginning of "Hallelujah" was really different, but amazing because everyone knew the words even though it wasn't a part of the actual song. Before playing "We Are Broken", Hayley talked about Love146 and how they had designed a Hurley hoodie that you could buy and a large portion of the proceeds go to Love146. I suggest everyone check out love146.org. It's really worth it. During one song, Jeremy did a sort of flip thing over Josh's back. It was awesome. The last song was "Misery Business". If you've heard of Paramore I don't really need to say anything more about that song. 

There was this girl in front of us who kept dancing on the chairs and trying to "rock out". Everyone got annoyed at her because she was in the way. There was a girl with blue shirt dude who kept throwing up the heart sign, which worked perfectly when I got a video of "My Heart". Memphis Tigers fan guy kept looking back at me. It was odd.

When the concert was over we high tailed it out of there. Jennifer and I were so tired. We ran into Jay and Walker and Cliff found a pretty headband.

Jennifer is spending the night and is actually curled up in a sleeping bag behind me right now.

The night was FANTASMICAL and I hope I never forget it.

Pics and videos to post later.